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A Silent Voice 2017 full movie online Free English

A Silent Voice 2017

Silent VoiceElementari Shouia Ishida child has a lot of friends and a simple arrears is always looking for something fun to your life. Shou Nishimiia deaf girl in his class, Ishida is transmitted, and he got interested in the deaf began to harass her harm. Some tindakannyabergabung help others in its class, and even harassed, Ishida Nishimiia yourself trying to be a friend, but he was denied. When the point of transfer to another school Nishimiiamora larrianon intimidation, teachers and the director mempertanyakanSiswaclass, and each blamed the Ishida. Soon, Ishida, isolated from her friends and becomes the object of persecution during elementary school. A few years later, Ishida, included high school and at the same criminals. no friends, that makes sense, and the only purpose in life is to find and redeem yourself think Nishimiia.

Languages: Japanese

Classification: N.

General IzdanjeDatum: 20 Jul 2017

Genre: Pop / drama

Duration: Not available

Distributor: ATriNaga Sdn Bhd

Cast: Miyu Irino,Saori Haiami, AOI JUKI, Kensho Ono

Director: Naoko Iamada,

Format: 2D

Votes +: 39 Votes -: 0

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