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Portable OpenOffice org 4 Windows 7/8/10 free download

Portable OpenOffice org 4


Portable is finally on the shelves, but it is an alternative to Microsoft Word?

Well, the answer is yes. manifests itself as a worthy competitor, and not put the portable version is no exception: it is light on resources, easy to use and provides full compatibility with similar structure documents, including the latest DOCX, XLSX, PPTX etc. package from Microsoft Office.

Portable includes six different apps that let you work with text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, vector graphics and codemathematics, respectively. All applications easily portable to breakfast (Center run) freshly designed icons, plus icon tray.

Software for mobile «s the right way all our expectations: it is easy to use (especially if you’re used to working with Microsoft Office) and have all the tools necessary to complete the documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases and more. most of the major youteuzi OpenOffice templates, making beginer never be a problem. Also documented.

We especially liked the interfaceWizard-like in OpenOffice Impress (similar to PowerPoint), giving presentations in no time. But the best in the portable space rschijnlijkde improve and keep your new templates and extensions can be downloaded directly from the developer’s website.

Portable feeling. This is another mbadalavyumba respect, and can be easily configured with the new expansion. Definitely worth a try!

Portable OpenOffice org 4

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