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Advanced Desktop Locker Pro 6 Download Free Activated

Advanced Desktop Locker Pro 6


Sophisticated Desktop Locker Pro Final + Serial

Sophisticated Desktop Locker (ADL) is an easy-to-use software to protect your desktop, you can lock your computer with a single mouse click. With this software no one can access your desktop or your important files, Andauntukpassword protect your desktop and display a message to someone, click on the desktop, our software record mouse and invalid passwords input to enable you know if someone is trying to pristupiračunar.

You can Password protect ADL selection set dansand promenagospodar simple program,

sophisticatedDesktop Locker allows you to create virtual desktop to prevent people from accessing your desktop icons and your private files, you can choose from many virtual desktop and you can download more from the website free kamisecara.

Sophisticated Desktop Locker prevent access to TaskManager (Ctrl + Alt + Del) (ALT + F4), …. When the computer is turned off to prevent ljudeod closing cabinet.

You can lock your desktop with different types of virtual desktop, you can use transparanloker, discoloration and virtual desktop locker, you can customize eachtype cabinets easily.

With this software no one can access your desktop icons, programs and documents.

Sophisticated Desktop Locker (ADL) Key features:

- Prevent access Andadengan computer mouse click.

- Criticism of the virtual desktop

- Ability to work ZPDon Windows startup.

- It ‘not mogućesvako can access your desktop is locked

- Prevent access to Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del) (Alt + F4)

- Log function, ADL record nevazhechkilozinki mouse input.

- Leave a message on the desktop is locked.

- Password protect your choice of ADL.

-Option to prevent ADL closed without the correct password.

- Customize each type of lockers easy.

- interface.



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Advanced Desktop Locker Pro 6

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