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LightShot 3.2 Windows XP/7/8 installer free download

LightShot 3.2


Sometimes the easier, the better. This is probably the motto that inspired the developers of LightShot, really simple, but convenient tool for capturing the screen.

LightShot replaces the standard functionality of PrtScr in Windows and allows you to take pictures of your sceen, although in only two ways: fullscreenOr selected users. After the picture is taken, LightShot reflects a small strip at the bottom of the image with several options.

You can save the image on your local disk, copy it to the abendboab buffer, cancel the capture, and also two other interesting options: saveThe image of an online free file storage service, ideal for sharing with friends or editing it in an amazingly feature-rich online image editor.

Anlaynavideaktar in LightShot allows you to work with the image in many ways, for example,Cropping, converting, adding new layers or even adding it with filters and special effects. When everything is ready, you can simply save the image to your JPG, BMP or PNG hard disk.

LightShot is an excellent replacement for the standard PrtScr functionality in Windows.He has an impressive online editor, but he does not have more opportunities to capture.

LightShot 3.2

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